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We do not accept returns or issue refunds. However, if you have any issues with your product, please email us at and we will address these on a case-by-case basis. If your products were damaged in transit, please email us pictures and details within 48 hours of delivery.

We ship once a week on Wednesdays. All orders placed before Tuesday (EST) at noon will ship on Wednesday.

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- Free shipping in Canada on orders of $100 and more.

Orders less than $100 are shipped according to our carriers shipping rates.

Email us at as soon as possible. If your order has not yet been shipped, we will gladly change your shipping address and replace it by the correct one. If your order has already been shipped, it is unfortunately too late to intercept your package. In the event that your package is returned to us (due to an invalid shipping address) we can either:

1. Refund your order (excluding shipping fees).

2. Reship your order at your own expense.

Whichever option you choose, our team is here to assist you!

Our shipping supplies aren’t the cutest because we make sure to repurpose bubble wraps, cushioning peanuts, foam, and craft paper received from our own suppliers when ordering ingredients. It is our goal to reuse as much shipping supplies as we can.

Each product family has its own purpose.

Creative Blends (size 250 g)

- Natural nut butters that combine nuts with other ingredients.

- Ideal for discovering new flavours, treating yourself or gifting!

Pantry Staples (size 475 g)

- Natural nut butters showcasing the nuts to their fullest.

- A must-have to cook!

That’s a great question!

     1. We pay a fair price for our ingredients

Paying a fair price means that we source supplies from producers who value environmental sustainability and respect the workers involved. We encourage transparent sourcing and that’s reflected in the price of our ingredients.

     2. We produce in small batches

The entirety of our production is made at our Montreal facility. We don’t call upon the services of any third parties to automate our processes and produce larger quantities than needed. This allows us to maximize the freshness of our products (as our inventory turnover rate is very good) as well as develop bolder, more avant-garde flavours that we wouldn’t have the flexibility to produce large scale. That flexibility and the ability to produce smaller scale do come with a price tag, however.

     3. We don't use any food additives

Our products are made from carefully selected ingredients. We don’t use any stabilizers or food additives that would reduce our production costs.

Our products are all made in small batches in our Montreal facility.

For the time being, our production space is unfortunately not conducive for pick ups.

We don’t have an organic certification, but most of the ingredients that go into making our products are organic.

Some producers with whom we partner manage small, family-owned plantations that simply don’t have the means to seek out organic certification. In any case, we ensure that our suppliers’ production methods exclude the use of any products considered harmful to human health or the environment.

The organic ingredients are identified in the ingredient list.

No. Our nuts are first dry roasted at a low temperature, after which they are ground.

Yes. Our products are all vegan.

Our products do not contain gluten, but our facility is not certified gluten-free.

We’ve shared a few recipe suggestions here!

Of course! You’ll find the origin of the nuts in the product description. You can also learn more about all our ingredients by heading over to our Radical Honesty page.

It isn’t necessary. We recommend storing it in the pantry, away from a direct light source.  

Yes. It’s preferable to stir the nut butter for a better distribution of the oil and other ingredients. Stirring will ensure you get a perfect consistency!

Yes, but only in certain products. In such cases, we use organic maple sugar (from Quebec). We also share the nutritional value of each product online which you can view on the product page.

For taste and texture purposes, some of our nut butters (not all!) contain added oils. To learn more about the oils we use, you can check out our Radical Honesty page.

Yes it is! Oil separation occurs with natural products, since no food stabilizers are used. Just give your nut butter a stir, and you are good to go!

When natural oils separate, the cocoa butter which is naturally found in 100% dark chocolate can separate, solidify and turn white. Though it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, the nut butter is safe to eat. You can simply give it a good stir, and the oil will re-incorporate into the butter.

- Our products are offered in reusable and recyclable glass containers. Whether it be to store your spices, dressings or sauces, our little jars are multipurpose.

- We reuse existing packaging materials as best we can to ship out orders (cushioning, polystyrene beads, foam, bubble wrap and kraft paper, etc.)

- We offer vegan products.

- Our promotional materials are kept to a minimum. We don’t use business cards, explanatory brochures or unnecessary gift wrapping.

- Whenever possible, we try to include Quebec ingredients in our recipes. An example of this would be Érablière Caséal’s maple sugar, which is found in many of our products.

- We recycle the cardboard boxes in which our ingredients are delivered and we select, to the extent possible, containers that can be sent back to suppliers once used. That’s the case with Caséal’s maple sugar, which is delivered in reusable buckets.

- All orders in the Greater Montreal Area are shipped with Courant +, a Montreal-based carrier that delivers with electric trucks.

- Thanks to our partner Umano, our access to the cashew nut supply chain is more direct than the industry average. Cashew nuts from the Coopake Cooperative (Umano’s partner) are harvested and transformed at the same location. This implies that they’ve travelled a shorter distance prior to their final destination. Rather than take a detour to another continent to be processed, they make a single journey. That isn’t the industry standard; more than 90% of cashew nuts are packed up in the location where they’re grown, only to be shipped off to India, Vietnam or Brazil. Once there, they are hulled and mixed with local nuts, and then resold in Europe and north America.

Unfortunately, our current production space does not allow us to receive, wash and sterilize used jars. We encourage you to reuse the jars at home. They are a great option for storing sauces, salad dressings or can even be used as glasses for serving your favourites beverages. They are also recyclable.



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