We define radical honesty as getting to the bottom of things. Where do our ingredients come from? How are they grown? Where are they picked? What are the work conditions of those involved? While sourcing is not without its share of challenges, we like to think of each new ingredient used in our products as an opportunity to reassess our current supply. We are proud to partner with responsible producers who share our vision of food.

Learn more about the producers we work with below.

Sperry Farms is a family run almond ranch, located in the Northern San Joaquin Valley. For over 40 years, they have strived to bring high quality almonds to the marketplace, while maintaining a deep respect for both the employees that work their fields and for the land they are so privileged to farm.

Did you know that cashew nuts go through about a dozen mostly manual steps prior to being ready for consumption? This elaborate process includes drying, pulping, roasting, shelling, peeling and sorting. So much of this work is carried out manually and deserves adequate compensation. Unfortunately, nearly all the cashews we consume offer no such guarantee. 

Umano works directly with the Kenedougou Agricultural Cooperative (Coopake) in Burkina Faso. People employed by the cooperative work in safe conditions and are paid according to the country’s legal standards. What’s more, Fair trade certification requires that workers coat their hands in vegetable oil prior to hulling the nuts in order to prevent burns caused by the acid they contain.This technique, combined with preheating followed by 24 hours of cooling the in-shell nuts, ensures that the acid does not lead to injuries.

Dispatch Coffee is on a mission to create access to a delicious cup of coffee that does no harm. Coffee is the 6th highest carbon emission food in the world, and millions of coffee farmers fail to earn incomes that cover their costs of production. Dispatch built their supply chain from the ground up considering their impacts on people and the planet. Their coffee beans are freshly roasted in Montreal.

Camino is a Canadian brand of fair trade and organic food products, owned by La Siembra Co-operative. La Siembra became the first registered importers of Fair trade Certified cocoa and sugar in North America. They work closely, and where possible, directly, with their partner co-operatives of family farmers to ensure transparency, respect and fairness in the supply chain.

Maison Orphée specializes in the production of first cold-pressed oils. This process implies no preheating. The pressing of the seeds is done at a temperature which varies according to the oil content in the seeds and the hardness of the seeds. In addition, they have been working in collaboration with producers in Europe and North and South America to find the best products.

Our organic peanuts are sourced from a group of 10 farmers in Yoakum County, Texas. We opted for the Runner variety, which in addition to having a rich nutty flavour, is also the most common variety used in peanut butters.

Taylor Pecan Co. Is a family grown farm located in North Carolina. We first met the Taylor family on a trip to the US in February 2020. During this visit, they shared with us their passion and expertise surrounding the harvest and shelling process of pecans, a process they do themselves on their farm. We fell in love with the unique taste and freshness of their pecans, which in addition to enhancing the taste of our products, offer a guarantee of traceability.

Jardins Terra Terre is a small scale farm located in Saguenay that specializes in the production and transformation of hot peppers, all certified organic.

Aust & Hachmann is a dedicated vanilla company dealing only in natural vanilla beans and their by-products.  They put quality at the very top of their list of basic requirements for all vanilla they purchase. With regional partnerships in Madagascar, Uganda, Comoros and Indonesia they are always in tune with what is happening in the vanilla trade.

Érablière Caséal specializes in the production of organic maple syrup as well as in its transformation into derived products, all of which are certified organic. For the owners, it is important to provide environmentally friendly products, while maintaining the biodiversity in their Eastern Townships sugar bush. They also encourage the local economy by integrating regional products in their processing.

International Chef de cuisine, Peter, along with his partner Robin, founded the Newfoundland Salt Company in 2011, after returning to his hometown in Newfoundland. Since then, the duo has been crafting a pure and high quality sea salt.

Épices de Cru is a family-owned tea and spice company based in Montreal. Their goal is to provide only the highest quality whole spices and loose leaf teas, made with respect to the traditions of producers. Ethné and Philippe founded Épices de Cru in 1995 following a trip to Grenada, where they were charmed by the richness of the aromas and spices found there. Since then, they have travelled the world to bring back the best spices. The name "épices de cru" refers to a spice that comes from an exceptional terroir, renowned for the quality of its production.

3rd generation family business located in St-Paul d'Abbotsford, Unifruits is among the only ones in Quebec to produce, process and distribute tart dried cherries.



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