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When Vanessa and Remi sparked upon the idea to create a better butter - in all senses of the phrase – they did so with the keen drive & intention to do it way differently. Why? Because across the board, the nut butter story hadn’t changed in (literally!) 100 years.

And it was time.

The duo – living in Chicago at the time - committed to approaching nut sourcing with radical honesty. They set out to own small batch thinking from shell to shelf and from spoon to spread. And to dedicate themselves equally to good taste, good health and good doing.

Our name, Logan Petit Lot, was inspired by Logan Square in Chicago – with its artisanal vibe. And today, we’re about responsibly sourced deliciousness. A little master roasting science stirred with a lot of mad love. Always learning. Always meticulously improving and frankly, always striving to (appropriately) blow minds, a jar at a time.



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