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These mini treats are our very own (wholesome!) adaptation of the classic Reese’s peanut butter cups. Made with our Peanut Chocolate Butter, they are nice and crunchy on the outside, and perfectly gooey in the inside.

Makes 20-22 mini cups

- 200 g./ 7 oz dark chocolate (70%), roughly chopped
- 5 tsp coconut oil, divided
- ½ cup (150 g.) Peanut Chocolate Butter
- 1-2 tablespoons chopped peanuts, for topping (optional)

- Sea salt flakes 


  1. Line a small baking sheet or chopping board with 20-22 mini paper muffin cups (or cupcake liners); set aside.
  2. In a double boiler (or a glass or stainless steel bowl placed over a pot of simmering water) melt about two thirds of the chopped chocolate with 3 teaspoons of the coconut oil. Once melted, remove from the heat and add the remaining chocolate. Whisk as needed, until completely melted.
  3. Transfer the chocolate sauce to a small cup with a pouring spout and set aside to cool slightly.
  4. Melt the remaining two teaspoons of coconut oil. In a small bowl, combine the melted oil with the Peanut Chocolate Butter. Transfer to a piping bag (or ziploc bag with a cut corner); set aside.
  5. Pour the chocolate sauce into each muffin cup so that it is halfway filled. Repeat for each liner until all the chocolate sauce is used up.
  6. Place the tip of the piping bag in the center of each liner so that the opening is just underneath the surface of the melted chocolate, but not all the way to the bottom. Press gently while lifting, so that the peanut butter mixture fills up the center all the way to the top. Repeat for each liner until all the peanut butter mixture is used up.
  7. Use a chopstick to make a swirl on top of each cup. If desired, sprinkle with chopped peanuts and flaky sea salt (omit sea salt if your peanuts are salted).
  8. Place cups in the freezer to set for about 15 minutes.
  9. Once set, transfer cups to an airtight container and store in the fridge. Enjoy as is, or remove from the fridge and let set at room temperature for 5-7 minutes before enjoying for a melting center.





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